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BI: Data Visualization and Dashboards

Course Overview
Gain a 360° overview of how to explore and use Power BI to build impactful reports. In this course, as you discover how to use this popular business intelligence platform through hands-on exercises. You’ll first learn how to confidently load and transform data using Power Query and the importance of data models, before diving into creating visualizations using Power BI’s drag-and-drop functionality. You’ll also learn how to drill-down into reports and make your reports fully interactive. Lastly, you'll level-up your skills using DAX formulas (Data Analysis Expressions) to create customized calculated columns and fields to better analyze your data.

Who Should Attend

  • Employees, Managers,Business Executives, Data analysts, etc who would like to learn power BI step-by-step

  • Developing the skills of analysis from data visualization and its interpretation for effective decision making

Course Duration

16 Hours

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the business intelligence workflow.

  • Transform raw data into an interactive dashboard.

  • Create interactive visualizations to deliver business insights

  • Extract business intelligence by using DAX and Power Query.

  • Pre-format and import data from an Excel Report using Power Query.

  •  Able to import, transform, and visualizing the data.

  • Add value with measures, calculated columns, and calculated tables using DAX.

  • Integrate data from CSV files and Excel Workbooks.


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Course Outline
Module One: Introduction to Data analysis and power Bi Desktop

  • Understanding Business Intelligence.

  • Business Intelligence components

  • What is Power BI?

  • Power BI Installation.

  • Visual Analytics.

  • What are Reports and Dashboards in Power BI?

Module Two: Connection and Shaping Data

  • Introduction and adjusting setting in power BI.

  • Transform data in power BI.

  • Dealing with texts.

  • Dealing with numbers.

  • Working with Date & Time.

  • Index column and conditional column.

  • Grouping & Aggregating.

  • Pivot & unpivot

  • Merging Queries.

  • Append Queries.

  • Data source sitting and refreshing in report.

  • Data type and categories in power BI.

Module Three: Table Relationships and Data Model

  • The issue and Data model.

  • Normalization and understand Data table & Data lookup.

  • Creating table relationship.

  • Editing relationship and Active vs. Inactive relationship.

  • Connect multiple data table.

  • Filter flow.

  • Intro to DAX and calculated column.

  • Intro to measures


Module Four: Table Relationships and Data Model

  • Basics of Visualization Data in Power BI.

  • Formatting options.

  • Filter Options.

  • Explore data with Matrix.

  • Filter Data with slicers.

  • Cards and KPI Visuals.

  • Visualizing Data with Maps.

  • Visualizing Data with Tree maps.

  • Decomposition Tree.

  • Edit Report Interactions.

  • Drill through Filter.

  • Mobile Layout.

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