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Digital Leadership: Anticipate & Manage The Potential Risks & Rewards 
Of Artificial Intelligence ( AI )

Course Overview
A revolutionary journey into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its significant influence on the business environment is offered by the Digital Leadership and AI Workshop. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential component in today's data-driven, fast-paced world, presenting organizations and executives with both extraordinary opportunities and distinct problems. Digital leadership will need to be able to optimize AI's potential while reducing its risks as technology develops.


Course Duration

8 Hours

Course Objectives

Participants will actively engage with the content, developing practical skills and insights to anticipate and manage the potential risks and rewards of artificial intelligence while fostering a digital leadership mindset and culture by:


  • Develop a Growth Mindset Fit for the Future and embrace the habits of digital leaders, preparing for change in a digital landscape.

  • Implement Agile Leadership Best Practices and visualize the big picture of agile projects, ensuring adaptability in a rapidly changing digital environment.

  • Assess and enhance their organization's Digital Readiness and increase awareness of digital technologies and trends. Identify and cater to Digital Customers, fostering a culture of digital innovation and resourcefulness.

  • Build a strategic plan to transform the adoption of AI from a concern into a promising opportunity, mitigating the risk of workforce displacement and discovering the potential rewards of AI.

  • Achieve a balance between human judgement and AI algorithms while becoming familiar with emerging technologies and their application through case studies


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Course Outline
Module One: Digital Mindset, Agility & Culture to Embrace AI

  • Embracing a Growth Mindset Fit for the Future.

  • The Habits of digital Leaders. Preparing for change.

  • Agile leadership: best practices & methodologies. Visualizing the Big Picture of your Agile Project.

  • Assessing your Digital Readiness.

  • Increasing Digital Awareness.

  • Identifying your Digital Customers.

  • Leading Digital Culture. Digital Resourcefulness.

Module Two: AI & The Future of Work – Anticipate and Manage the Potential Risks and Rewards of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ):

  • Building a Digital Strategy To transform the adoption of AI from a cause of concern into a promising opportunity.

  • Mitigate the risk of displacing human workers by reskilling and upskilling your workforce to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Discover the potential rewards of AI ranging from increased efficiency and productivity to revolutionary advancements in different industries and sectors.

  • Striking a balance between human judgment and AI Algorithms, balancing data-driven insights and human expertise.

  • Become Familiar with Emerging Technology: AI, VR, AR, IoT, Cloud Computing, Robotics, etc (Future Management Tools ) applied in Case Studies.

  • Construct a matrix of needed competencies for an organization to effectively use Emerging Technologies such as AI.

  • Identify ways in which emerging technologies can help a business grow, and increase revenues and return on investment.

  • Building data and digital teams.

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